Join the #ImFireSafe4____ Conversation

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) encourages fire departments to join the #ImFireSafe4____ (insert the appropriate month) social media conversation. Every month starting with March, the OFMEM will be providing fire departments with tweets and social media posts that use the hashtag #ImFireSafe4March. The April tweets/posts will use the hashtag #ImFireSafe4April, May’s will use #ImFireSafe4May, etc.

The intent is to create monthly social media conversations on specific themes and issues regarding fire safety. The tweets/posts will focus on the leading fire causes/concerns in Ontario for each month. In some cases, the issues/concerns will be the same from one month to the next (for example, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and home fire escape planning are on-going issues that will be addressed every month).

Use #ImFireSafe4____ for all tweets and social media posts and encourage local politicians, community leaders, elementary and high school students, and everyone in your community to join the fire safety conversation by using #ImFireSafe4____.

If you have any questions, please contact the OFMEM’s Public Fire Safety Education section.