Heating Safety Tweets

Heating Safety Tweets

Get fuel-burning appliances inspected annually by a registered fuel contractor. Go to COSafety.ca to find contractor

Your chimney may have problems you can’t see. Get chimneys cleaned and inspected every year http://ontario.ca/b9v8

Keep vents for furnaces and heating appliances free of ice, snow, debris to prevent deadly carbon monoxide http://ontario.ca/b9v8

Watch for smoke coming into room from woodstove & fireplace. Chimney may be blocked or faulty damper control mechanism

Protect your home from sparks. Use a fire screen around the fireplace http://ontario.ca/c46m

Burn dry wood in fireplaces/woodstoves to reduce build-up of dangerous creosote in chimneys http://ontario.ca/c46m

Allow fireplace/woodstove ashes to cool. Put in metal container with lid. Keep container outside http://ontario.ca/c46m

Keep anything that can burn a safe distance away from wood stoves and fireplaces http://ontario.ca/c46m

Keep space heaters at least 1 metre away from things that burn - curtains, upholstery, clothing http://ontario.ca/c46m

Replace worn/damaged electrical wires/connections on vehicle block heaters/extension cords http://ontario.ca/c46n

Use proper gauge extension cord for vehicle block heaters http://ontario.ca/c46n

Use approved timers for vehicle block heaters rather than leaving heaters on all night

Prevent deadly carbon monoxide gas. Ensure vehicles are not left running inside garage or building http://ontario.ca/b9v8

Install working smoke alarms on every storey and outside all sleeping areas of your home http://ontario.ca/c46o

Install carbon monoxide alarms outside all sleeping areas of your home http://ontario.ca/bzok