Fireworks Safety - Tweets


Attend public fireworks displays hosted by the municipality or other responsible organization

Only adults who are aware of the hazards and essential safety precautions should handle and discharge fireworks

Carefully read and follow the label directions on fireworks packaging

Always keep a water hose or pail of water close by when discharging fireworks

Discharge fireworks well away from combustible materials like buildings, trees and dry grass

Keep onlookers a safe distance away, upwind from the area where fireworks are discharged

Light only one firework at a time and only when they are on the ground

Never try to light a firework in your hand or re-light dud fireworks

Discharge fireworks only if wind conditions do not create a safety hazard

Keep sparklers away from kids. Sparklers burn very hot, can ignite clothing, cause blindness & severely burn

Sparkler wires stay hot after burnout. Immediately soak wire in water to avoid injury

If someone is burned run cool water over burn for 3 - 5 min & get medical attention if necessary