FPW 2017 News Release Template

Fire Department Letterhead


Practice your home fire escape plan during Fire Prevention Week

(insert town name and date) - (Insert Fire Chief’s name) is urging families in (insert name of municipality/town/city) to practice their home fire escape plan as part of Fire Prevention Week. This year’s theme of Fire Prevention Week, which runs from October 8-14, 2017, is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”

“Fire and smoke move faster than you,” said (insert Fire Chief’s name).  “There’s no time to figure out how to escape your home AFTER a fire starts. Practice an escape plan BEFORE there’s a fire so you can get out safely.”

In a fire, you may have just seconds to safely escape your home. Be prepared in advance with these simple steps for home fire escape planning:

  • Assess the needs of everyone in your home
    Identify anyone who requires assistance to get out of the home safely, such as small children or older adults.

  • Make sure that you have working smoke alarms on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas
    Make sure everyone in the home knows the sound of the smoke alarm.

  • Identify all possible exits ( doors and windows ) and make sure they work
    Know two ways out of all areas, if possible.

  • Everyone must know what to do when the smoke alarm sounds
    Assign someone to help those who need assistance.
    Identify a safe meeting place outside.
    Call the fire department from outside the home – from a neighbour’s home or a cell phone.

  • Practice your home fire escape plan at least twice a year
    Have everyone participate.
    Make changes to your plan if necessary.

The (insert name of fire department) is hosting (insert a Fire Prevention Week event the fire department is hosting) at (insert location of the event) on (insert the date/time of the event) in support of Fire Prevention Week and this year’s campaign. The event will include (insert a list of activities/the focus of the event).


For more information contact:

(insert fire department contact name and telephone number)