Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Emergency Management Program

Emergency Management Program

Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, all provincial government ministries must set up an emergency management program. As a result, we have developed an Emergency Response Plan and Business Continuity Plan.

Emergency Response Plan

The ministry’s Emergency Response Plan:

  • describes the arrangements in place and actions that may be taken by the ministry to respond to an emergency
  • sets out the basic processes and procedures to guide the ministry in responding to emergencies
  • provides for the coordination of emergencies with other ministries and municipalities, First Nation communities, and the Government of Canada and its agencies

As well, the ministry has developed plans to make sure there is an effective response in the case of any emergency that requires provincial coordination:

  • nuclear/radiological
  • severe weather
  • war and international conflict
  • other peacetime emergencies not specifically assigned to any one ministry
  • building structural collapse
  • explosion and structural fires
  • space object crash
  • terrorism
  • civil disorder

Business Continuity Plan

The ministry’s Business Continuity Plan provides for a timely resumption of ministry services during and following an emergency. Each business unit (branch, office, institution, detachment, etc.) has developed a Business Continuity Plan in support of the ministry plan.

For further information on emergency management in Ontario and personal preparedness see the Emergency Management Ontario website.