Protect Yourself from Open Flames this Halloween

Protect Yourself from Open Flames this Halloween
Fire Prevention is the Key

October 29, 2010

To minimize the risk of fire and burn injuries during activities that may involve open flames, the Fire Marshal of Ontario is urging Ontario families to focus on preventing fires and ensuring safety as they prepare for Halloween this year.

To keep families safe from fire this Halloween, the OFM has developed a Halloween Safety Tips sheet geared to children, adults and home safety. Some of the important tips include using battery-operated lights in jack-o'-lanterns and wearing bright and reflective costumes.


“Using battery-powered lights in jack-o'-lanterns is a good way to prevent fire from occurring,” says Ontario Fire Marshal Pat Burke. “Other ways to be fire safe this Halloween include always keeping candles, matches and lighters out of reach of children and pets and ensuring decorations, such as cornstalks and bales of hay, are kept away from candlelit jack-o'-lanterns.”

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To get more information about Halloween fire safety, visit and download the Halloween Safety Tips sheet.


  • Carol Gravelle, Office of the Fire Marshal, 416-325-3138
  • Bev Gilbert, Office of the Fire Marshal, 416-325-3178