Listowel Fatal Fire Investigation Update

Listowel Fatal Fire Investigation Update
Office of the Fire Marshal releases preliminary information 

April 13, 2011

The investigation into the tragic fire in Listowel that claimed the lives of two firefighters is ongoing, however the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is releasing some information on the cause, origin and circumstances of this devastating fire.

On March 17th contractors were repairing the roof of the building which led to the ignition of the interior combustible components of the roof structure.

Responding crews indicated that since there was an absence of significant smoke or flame in the building, they entered to confirm no one was inside and to investigate the source of the reported fire. While inside the building, a sudden collapse of the lightweight wood truss roof structure resulted in the deaths of two firefighters.


“The OFM will continue to conduct further research and analysis of the sequence of events surrounding this fire, to learn from this tragedy.  We will, in the future, provide the fire service with additional information and increased knowledge to safely respond to similar fires.”  -- Ted Wieclawek, Ontario Fire Marshal

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  • Carol Gravelle, Office of the Fire Marshal, 416-325-3138
  • Bev Gilbert, Office of the Fire Marshal, 416-325-3178